Seeds of Resilience

We are all resilient – to different degrees. Some are more resilient than others. Some have grasped at the ropes of resilience and held firm, and others have dangled onto those frayed strings of resilience at one time or another. Either way, we are all resilient. I want you to think about a time when you’ve bounced back – from anything, whether a monumental life event or a seemingly small, insignificant moment. Think about it.

Maybe a stranger made an offensive comment as he walked passed, and you weren’t even fazed by it.

Maybe you quickly fixed your flat tire, rather than dwelling on the bad situation at hand.

Maybe when an employer laid you off, you productively began job searching the following day.

Maybe you found a way to pay the rent when it first seemed to be an impossible feat.

Maybe you lost your keys, but you looked around the house calmly, rather than panic-stricken.

In what circumstances are you able to adapt quickly and brainstorm solutions? When is it easy to “go with the flow” or “let it roll off your back?” [If you feel comfortable sharing, please comment on this post.]

Here’s a positive thought, a little reminder. You are resilient. At some point in your life, you have been resilient. We will improve upon that resiliency in the following weeks and months, but right now, rest assured that you have already tapped into this ability. Now we need to nourish that seed of resilience with happiness and optimism. Let’s watch it bloom.

*Activity: Resiliency begins with a change in mindset. By silencing your inner critic and eliminating negative talk, you’ll have more room in your head to listen to the good vibes. Embrace the Future, a project of the Mental Health Foundation of Australia, has created a fun Resiliency Balloon Game. It’s not just for kids though; adults can pop those negative thought bubbles too.

love & peace,

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