My Well-Being Action Plan

I am a planner. I love schedules, calendars, agendas, sticky notes, and to-do lists. Planning allows me to set clear, concise goals, stay organized, and assess my progress. A simple action plan like the one below can help with setting two (or more) realistically achievable objectives. This Well-Being Action Plan will bring a piece of positivity into your life, jumpstart your way to a happier, healthier you, and in turn, reduce your stress. You’ll be so focused on all of the good, quality changes that those stressful situations will feel like little speed bumps along your path to a better, more resilient life.


Photo courtesy of my husband, Tim Dancy

My Well-Being Action Plan

Be Rested and Rejuvenated

  • Consciously decide to get the right amount of sleep (7-8 hours per night)
  • Be consistent with your routine (A schedule with variety is nice to shake things up once in a while, but if your days are too sporadic, it may lead to worry and anxiety.)
  • Try to avoid sugar and caffeine right before bed (It leads to crazy dreams… ahem… nightmares and a stressful night)
  • Bathe yourself in Vitamin D, a.k.a. SUNSHINE. (Apollo was the Greek god of sun and light, as well as the god of medicine and healing… see the connection?)


Be Active and Energized

  • Walk your pooch, run a 5k, hike the blue trail at Sleepy Giant, ride your bike, or take a moment to dance
  • Discover an activity you enjoy (tennis, golf, Zumba, horseback riding, CrossFit)
  • Commit to 30 minutes per day of being active


Be Healthy and Happy

  • Drink more water (Find a water bottle you love – one with a bright color, a straw, or a fun twisty top)
  • Eat fruit and veggies (raw, canned, frozen… doesn’t matter. They’re all delicious!)
  • Don’t skip meals (especially breakfast). Try a protein shake or smoothie, if you don’t feel hungry in the AM.
  • Try taking an all-in-one vitamin.
  • Before you go to bed, think back on the day’s activities and remember one happy moment.

Be Connected and Content

  • Have lunch or coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while (activate some oxytocin)
  • Call a family member (Shout out to my mom!)
  • Bake a tasty treat for your colleagues/co-workers (They will love you for it.)
  • Do your neighbor a favor (Remember that cup of sugar you borrowed?)


Be Aware and Appreciative

  • Take notice of the beauty around you (the sun shining, the tulips blooming, the birds chirping)
  • Remark on the unusual or unexpected (sometimes these moments can be quite interesting… it’s that one thing no one else notices, except you.)
  • Write down three things that you feel grateful for.


Be Curious and Engaged

  • Try a different activity (journal writing, guitar lessons, sculpting, camping)
  • Eat at a new restaurant, discover an art gallery, or listen to live music
  • Cook a new recipe or read a book
  • Set a challenge for yourself, accept that challenge, and rock that challenge.


Be Giving and Open-Handed

  • Say something (genuinely) nice to someone
  • Remember to smile (Even up here in the big-bad-Northeast region, people still like to see smiles. It’s refreshing J)
  • Volunteer your time (with a non-profit agency, a local business, or someone you know)
  • Join a community group
  • Go out of your way to help someone


Which one or two will you choose to do today? Which one or two will you choose to do tomorrow? This weekend? Next week?

*Activity: In the comments, post what you plan to do.
I choose to ________________________________________.

love & peace,

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