Do you feel like your life is in disarray? Try to tackle the physical spaces first. It’s time to de-clutter. Less clutter means more room for peace. If you need a breath of fresh air, start with shaking it out, giving it away, donating it, throwing it away, sprucing it up, wiping it off, or filing it away.

It may be too overwhelming to think about clearing out your entire house. Even conducting a yard sale requires shifting through contents in the cold, dank basement, the stuffy attic, or the walk-in closet that leads to Narnia. That’s a lot. You can tackle that project some other time.

Let’s talk about the little things…

Your junk drawer.

You know the one. It’s a catch-all for random items like ketchup and soy sauce packets that you’ll never need or those four bottle openers, when only one would suffice. Can you find a home for each of those items? Start to ditch the excess, or purchase a simple drawer organizer to separate the mish-mash.

Your keys.

We all know someone who has a ridiculous set of keys. It’s heavy. It’s bulky. It’s excessive. It has unidentifiable keys, a fuzzy keychain, a photo keychain, and way too many plastic loyalty cards on it. It’s a hot mess. First, try sorting the keys. Which ones do you need every day? Which ones can you not even recognize anymore? Put the frequently-used keys on the main key ring. Settle for just one key chain. Stash the “unknown” keys and extra keys somewhere else (like that junk drawer you just cleaned out). If you’re having separation anxiety about leaving behind some keys or throwing away a rewards card that you may (or may not need), just try going without it for a day, and see how much you miss it.

Your purse (or wallet).

Next, try shaking out your purse or wallet. I recently decided that I only needed two types of handbags – a satchel and shoulder bag. So I gave away ten other purses that I didn’t need and hadn’t used in the past year. Then, with the two I would be using on a regular basis, I dumped out all the contents. I found places to put the dozens of hair ties, bobby pins, and pennies found in the bottomless black hole of each bag. And I trashed the old receipts, crumpled pieces of paper, grocery lists, old business cards, used gift certificates, and gum wrappers.

Your desktop.

Sometimes, I get so busy that I don’t have time to organize the files on my computer. Everything starts piling up on my desktop… photos, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, shortcuts to folders. Take 5-10 minutes to label all of the files and folders on your desktop correctly and put everything in its proper place. Find a new background or screensaver, or use a nifty desktop organizer template like these from Moritz Fine Designs.

Good luck cleaning up and clearing up! I hope it helps you feel more in control of your space.

love & peace,


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