Be More Childlike

“Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.” ~Mencius


I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions.

I already drink lots of water, eat healthy, and go to the gym, so those standard ones wouldn’t make good resolutions for me. But I know there’s always room for improvement, so let’s see…

I could resolve to:

Take my vitamins. Stop overreacting. Say less foul language. Practice more yoga. Meditate/pray more. Write more poetry. Drink more tea.

But most likely, I won’t do any of these as regularly as I would like. At some point in the year (like… yesterday), I’ll fall off the wagon. I’ll shout some profanity to a driver on the highway who won’t let me merge. Or I’ll take my Vitamin C but forget to take my fish oil, B-complex, Zinc, and all the others. I’ll commit to yoga every Sunday but decide to sleep in one weekend instead. I’ll drink a cup of tea and then down four cups of coffee as well.

So rather than beating myself up, I decide on an overarching intention when going into the New Year and try to fit little activities under the broader umbrella. My intention is a general idea of how I’d like to approach the duration of the year. If I fail to stick to it every day, I won’t feel too bad. When I succeed in accomplishing my intention, it’s a definite plus!

My intention this year? *drumroll please*

Be more childlike.


There’s actually a blog floating around on the worldwide web that addresses this intention:

Be More Childlike: A Year of Growing, Without Growing Up

I love that concept. It sounds so inspiring and encompasses a million different ideas in one. In 2015, I hope to be curious, spontaneous, carefree, imaginative, and playful. I hope to look at each day through the awe-struck wonder of a child’s eyes.

The website, Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives, has an article that addresses ways to call on your inner child, “33 Ways to Be Childlike Today” by Lori Deschen.

Deschen groups her suggestions into seven inspirational categories: Learn, Play, Share, Connect, Create, Be, and Imagine.


Some of my favorites include:

  • Read a book you loved as a kid.

Right now, I have Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read again. I remember loving it in 3rd grade, so I can’t wait to discover the magical forest kingdom of Terabithia again – 20+ years later.

  • Try a new look.

I already do this, and I hope I continue! I always go for different looks – from business professional to hippie to punk chic. I just throw outfits together; add some accessories, maybe wear my hot pink rain boots, and then I head out confidently into the world. I’m that little kid who dresses herself in all mismatched items, and it makes me feel awesome.

  • Tap into your innocence.

This suggestion falls under the “Connect” category and refers to giving people the benefit of the doubt and choosing not to be cynical. It can’t hurt to try!

  • Start a piggy bank

Let me tell you how wonderful this feels, even as a grown up! Last year, I started throwing my spare change into a mason jar. I never thought twice about. Any coins that I found on the floor of my car or the bottom of my purse went into the jar. Then over the holidays, I deposited the coins into a Coinstar machine and ended up with a $90 Starbucks gift card.

  • Forget what was tough about yesterday

Sometimes this one is really difficult. How do you literally FORGET the troubles from yesterday? Maybe you can’t, but I’m trying to use a gesture to mimic the action of forgetting. If something rough happens, I’ll use the ASL sign for “forget.” It’s a quick motion over your forehead, and it reminds me of a fleeting thought… something that just passes over you and moves on.


Try it out: *Hold your hand just barely in front of your forehead (or go ahead and put your fingers on your forehead) and then pull your hand sideways across the front of your head as you change the handshape from a loose “B” handshape into an “A” handshape or a “loose” “A” handshape.

Tip: Think of wiping your mental memory bank clean.

Here’s to being more childlike in 2015!

love & peace,


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